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Bankruptcy Advice & Basic Information

In times of financial trouble, everyone needs solid legal advice, practical wisdom and common sense. Our firm provides legal services to individuals and small businesses in need of experienced legal counsel and possibly bankruptcy protection. This is what we do. We have built our reputation on assisting honest people faced with overwhelming debt obtain what the United States Federal Courts refer to as a “fresh start,” or what our office commonly refers to as regaining financial control.

Our firm was established with the very purpose of assisting Massachusetts families and individuals who face overwhelming debt.

Are You Overburdened By Debt?

At the law offices of Eramo Law and the Consumer Bankruptcy Law Center, we understand that honest people sometimes find themselves overburdened with debt they cannot pay. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to talk to and provide legal counsel to thousands of clients throughout Massachusetts. From the initial consultation until the discharge of debt has been granted, our legal team is exceptionally well educated, trained and committed to serving the needs of all our clients.

Filing For Bankruptcy At The Consumer Bankruptcy Law Center

Whether a client needs to file a Chapter 7 petition, a Chapter 13 petition or is facing foreclosure, tax issues, wage garnishment or a pending lawsuit, we may be able to help. If you are honest, overwhelmed with debt, and looking for a fresh start, call us and begin the process of regaining your financial control.

Bankruptcy Legal Fees

Bankruptcy legal fees are so reasonable, one can afford to retain experienced attorneys from the Consumer Bankruptcy Law Center.

When facing financial trouble or foreclosure, an inexperienced or overpriced attorney is the last thing one needs.

Taking the Worry out of Bankruptcy!

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