Bankruptcy Cost

How Much Does It Cost To File Bankruptcy?

One of the most common questions we receive is: How much is filing for bankruptcy going to cost?

As dedicated bankruptcy lawyers, Attorney Bruno and Attorney Eramo understand that you and your loved ones may already be facing an overwhelming financial burden. The last thing that you need is an overpriced and under-experienced legal advisor, so we keep our legal fees transparent and reasonable, lowering your cost to file bankruptcy. 

If you think that you cannot afford bankruptcy fees, don’t rule it out completely. Contact us before you take action. Each financial situation is unique, and you can never quite know all of the options available until you speak with a qualified and experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

Speak With An Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Today

Call us today to speak directly with one of our passionate and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys for a flat rate fee quotation. We believe in full transparency, eliminating any surprise costs when filing for bankruptcy. We will discuss your particular financial situation in detail and guarantee a flat rate and flexible fee schedule.

Remember, as bankruptcy lawyers in Massachusetts, we are here to help with the cost to file bankruptcy, not inflate it.

Taking the Worry out of Bankruptcy!

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