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Looking for a "Cheap" Bankruptcy Lawyer in Massachusetts?

So, you want to find a Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer in Massachusetts? Please allow me to share some information about that.

If you are like me, you're really skeptical about advertisements, infomercials, and smooth sales pitches. Of course, I love a good deal too and am entertained by these ads....because they are so ridiculous. Within the last few years, I have listened to radio ads promoting Bankruptcy filings for a low fee. I suppose the ads are effective because they grab my attention, but, in the end, the offers are just too good to be true.

I have also read many similar print and website advertisements for people looking for an attorney to help them file bankruptcy. Sometimes the ads come from companies that are not even lawyers. I have heard and seen some real whoppers. But, the real story is behind the scenes.

Top 10 List For "Cheap Bankruptcy In Massachusetts" Ads:

  1. We can file a bankruptcy for you in Massachusetts for $300!
  2. Find a Cheap Massachusetts Lawyer.
  3. Bankruptcy - Massachusetts, $299!
  4. Discount bankruptcy lawyer in Massachusetts
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I think you get the point...these are just slick marketing ads to appeal to a person that is truly hurting financially and facing a overwhelming debt. I can tell you honestly, however, as someone who has practiced as Massachusetts bankruptcy attorney for 15 years, that there truly is very little price difference between the various Massachusetts bankruptcy law firms. There is some difference, but not as much as one would expect. But when there is occasionally a significant price difference, it has been my observation that the less experienced Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyers charge MORE! Why would that be? Because they don't have the process down and learning how to do things correctly just takes a lot of time and practice. And, when you make a mistake, it takes time to fix it...if it can be fixed.

The bottom line about hiring a "Cheap bankruptcy lawyer in Massachusetts" is that it is just a marketing gimmick. Does that mean that all bankruptcies are expensive? No. In fact, they are quite reasonable considering what is involved. The first $400 or so for ANY bankruptcy goes to someone other than your bankruptcy lawyer. Specifically, the Bankruptcy Court gets $306 for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and $281 for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Second, most credit reports that are designed just for bankruptcy cases cost about $30. Finally, there is a pre-bankruptcy credit counseling course that runs about $49 in most cases. This course is can't file bankruptcy without it. Similarly, there is a second course which is required by law called Financial Management. You take this course after your bankruptcy is filed. The cost of this course is normally $19 per person.

Some Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyers quote you JUST THE ATTORNEY FEES, and do not include the above costs. So, if they say it will be $1,500 for attorney fees for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the REAL COST might be $2,000 or thereabout. Why not just tell people up front what it is really going to cost them? Answer: Marketing..... After all, you're looking for the "Cheapest Massachusetts Bankruptcy Lawyer!" How much down is it for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Answer: Normally between $360 and $500 (sometimes higher if it is a very complicated case). The reason why the bankruptcy attorney can ask for less up front in these cases is that the bankruptcy attorney fees are paid through a Chapter 13 Plan over a period of 3 to 5 years. The average Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyer Chapter 13 fee runs between $3,400 and $4,000. These fees are set by the bankruptcy court in Massachusetts for those attorneys seeking a quick "flat fee" for their services. There are also fee agreements where you only pay for the services you need or use.

In conclusion, bankruptcy attorney fees need to be fair and reasonable for the services rendered or else you will likely get burned in the end by someone that is unwilling or unable to provide the service and skill level that will get your case done right the first time and done quickly. The best bankruptcy advice that I can give anyone is to actually go personally and meet with several Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyers and determine for yourself who makes the most sense. Obviously, the total cost of the bankruptcy is absolutely a factor in your decision making process. However, most people are surprised to find out that the best choice for a highly skilled Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyer is not more or just slightly more expensive than the less experienced attorney. Hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney is critical in representing your interest and obtaining a fresh financial start.

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