Michael T. Eramo

A private practitioner with a primary emphasis on consumer bankruptcy law, I established the firm with the mission statement “Consumer bankruptcy is our business,” which reflects the firm’s commitment to serving the needs of everyday people with everyday issues in Massachusetts.

The firm is committed to counseling clients in all aspects of their bankruptcy case. It is our philosophy that the more informed a client is with respect to the law and the process they are engaged in, the more empowered they become in regaining their financial control.

I have long held the view that I wanted to work in a profession where I could truly make a difference. As I look back on my legal career and on the thousands of individuals and families my firm has helped to regain their financial footing, I have succeeded in ways that I only could have imagined. I have continuously worked towards the betterment of those I encounter. I bring together in my profession, as a bankruptcy attorney and counselor, all the shared experiences and education and community service that can make a difference in the lives of clients and their families.

I decided to become a bankruptcy attorney because honest people in my community who found themselves overwhelmed by debt seemed, for lack of a better word, “underserved”. Over the years I had seen family and friends underserved when it came to addressing their burdensome debt issues. Whether those issues resulted from divorce, loss of income, medical illness, addictions, or just poor personal choices, I witnessed the need for professional counseling for those in my community who were suffering from uncompassionate treatment by creditors. Federal and state laws have been enacted to protect the needs of everyday people who face everyday financial crises.

The practice of bankruptcy law is second to none in the legal profession. We help honest people who find themselves often in a desperate financial situation obtain the legal relief to which they are entitled under federal law. Our firm can often help in ways few professionals can, and we have built our reputation on assisting honest people faced with overwhelming debt, obtain a “fresh start”. We take the time to listen, to counsel, to help provide the legal remedy that is provided for under federal and state laws.