What Is Bankruptcy?


Regaining control, regardless of your situation, is your right and responsibility.

Many of the people who contact us are in a period of transition — separating from a spouse, changing a custody agreement, foreclosures, leaving an abusive relationship or facing some sort of financial hardships accompanied by overwhelming debt.

How Can Bankruptcy Help You?

As we’ve been in business for quite some time, we have the experience necessary to assist you with a wide variety of financial needs.

Bankruptcy is one action we commonly advise to file when fit for our clients.

Learn a little about how we define bankruptcy, and see how we can help you at our offices located in Danvers, Wakefield, and Chelmsford, MA.

Defining Bankruptcy In Our Terms

Bankruptcy is not a bad word. It is the Federal Governments remedy to assist honest people, overwhelmed by debt regain their financial control.

When people feel as if that have no option to relieve the burden of their debt, that’s where we come in. We’re always so happy to chat with clients about their options, and getting them to a better place financially.

Moving In A Positive Direction

I like to refer to the bankruptcy court and the tax court as similar governmental approaches to helping American society function and move in a positive direction.

Both courts have federal judges, both have codebooks for the rules and regulations, both have forms that one fills’ out, and both have end results that are designed to keep society functioning with an approach that assists individuals and families.

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