Thinking that Bankruptcy may be a solution?

By Attorney Michael Eramo

You are visiting our website because you likely overwhelmed by debt or have received a Legal Notice from your mortgage company attorney informing you of their intent to foreclose on your home.  DON’T PANIC.  My office helps people who face this problem every day.  This is what we do.

What Options do I have?  Will I benefit by filing for Bankruptcy?  What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is not a “bad” word. It is a Federal Law that protects…”Honest people” “Overwhelmed by debt” seeking “help” or commonly referred to as a “Fresh Start”….It is our Government’s way of protecting good people, like yourself, to regain control of their financial and in many cases their personal lives. There are many reasons why people find themselves facing a foreclosure or overwhelming debt. Divorce, loss of a job, addiction, illness, and so on…. If you are honest, and just overwhelmed financially,you need to call and speak with a qualified bankruptcy attorney.  You have options.

You may learn that filing for a Bankruptcy is the right decision. People usually file for a chapter 7 or chapter 13.  A chapter 7 liquidates your debts if you qualify. A chapter 13 may allow you 36-60 to pay back your arrears on your mortgage while you stay in the home. It may allow you time to market and sell your property without the bank foreclosing.  It may allow you time to refinance yourself out of bankruptcy. Every situation is different.  A qualified bankruptcy attorney can guide you through the options and strategies available.

My Office can help you make Informed Decisions. My office staff is exceptionally well trained to guide people through this very difficult time with compassion and a high degree of skill and commitment. The Federal Bankruptcy laws recently were changed by sweeping reforms.  My office knows the laws and how to best protect your interest.

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