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Your First Visit

Information that will be required

The initial telephone call or visit to an Attorneys office often is filled with anxiety and fear of the unknown. The professionals at my office are well trained, skilled and compassionate in helping clients overwhelmed with debt and or facing a foreclosure of their home. The following information is designed to give you an idea of the information that you will need to provide should filing a Bankruptcy petition be the proper solution to your financial hardship. We DO NOT need all the information for your first visit. Compile what you can. DO NOT become overwhelmed. We are here to assist you. Should you retain our office, we will guide you through the maze of documents and information needed in a very methodical and organized manner.

The initial office visit is intended to acquaint you with basic information about bankruptcy and to assess your current financial situation in order to determine your need and eligibility for the filing of a bankruptcy case. This will include information about the types of bankruptcy provided by each of the four Chapters and how each Chapter works, what types of debts can be forgiven, what property you can keep, what debts you need to keep paying, how to value property in bankruptcy and how to complete the petition, forms, plans, schedules of property, and schedules of your debts. As part of this process, Attorney Lisa Bruno and Attorney Michael Eramo will evaluate your financial situation to determine your need and eligibility for the filing of a bankruptcy case.

  • PAY STUBS for the last 6 months, this includes: tips, bonuses, commissions, child support, spousal support, support from someone paying or sharing your living expenses, rental income, unemployment compensation, social security, retirement, pension, interest, dividends, or income form any other source. If you are married, then you will need to provide this information for both you and your spouse.
  • BANK / FINANCIAL STATEMENTS monthly statements from your bank, credit union, or other financial institution for the last 6 months. Including retirement accounts, 401k, IRA, CD's, Investment accounts.
  • INCOME TAX RETURNS for the last 4 years.
  • HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES listing of your monthly household expenses. Download and complete the Monthly Expenses Worksheet.
  • CREDIT REPORT (FREE) or by phone: 1-877-322-8228 toll free.
  • PROOF OF INSURANCE automobile insurance binders / homeowners insurances/ life insurance
  • DOMESTIC SUPPORT OBLIGATIONS if you are paying any child support, alimony, or support you need to bring all documents associated with such payments. You must provide some proof that you are current / or in arrears on these obligations and provide the name and address where those payments are required to be sent.
  • PERSONAL PROPERTY Provide documentation of all contracts and security agreements including those for mortgages and leases, refinancing, transfers of ownership, time shares, stocks, car loans and leases, furniture rental and leases, jewelry loans, etc. Value of automobiles, visit: and
  • IF SELF-EMPLOYED 6 month's of monthly profit and loss statement, bank statements for your business and copy of business insurance.
  • DIVORCE property settlement agreement if you have been divorced.
  • TRUST DOCUMENTS if you have created a trust or are the trustee or beneficiary of a trust.
  • CIVIL LAWSUITS any complaint you filed or that was filed against you, including judgments and any correspondence from collection agencies.
  • CLIENT QUESTIONNAIRE Download and complete the Client Questionnaire.

IF YOU OWN REAL ESTATE or if your name is on any Real Estate deed, bring the following:

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